About Collin

I’m Collin Dawson, I’ve been a certified personal trainer since 2009. I'm fascinated by the human body and how it works. I find I'm also very curious about human behavior and how we control our minds/bodies. We have this amazing ability to create plans and put thought before action. I want to be apart of a movement that teaches everyone how to become aware of their thoughts, habits, actions, movements, and purpose. I want to be apart of a movement that teaches us how to engage with our life. 

My programming starts with foundation work, because I believe that you can only reach your potential from a solid platform. I coach using a variety of tools and styles, including but not limited to: Body weight (agility, dexterity, and balance, with and without TRX suspension trainers), and free weights (starting with the most basic loaded fundamental movements, compound, or multi-joint movements, and leveling up to as high as traditional Olympic lifting). I program in three dimensions: Mindset (including behavior), Movement (including rest protocols), and Nutrition.

To schedule a consultation for corporate fitness workshops, personal training, injury prevention/recovery coaching, behavior coaching, or stretch table work, please fill out a contact form